The Story of Your Life

Uncover Your Courageous Story and
Connect With the Hearts of Your Ideal Clients


An Intuitive Way to Build Your Story!

No Matter the Story, Share It From Your Heart!

Everything You Need to Share Your Stories Confidently... Included!


The Stories You're Living

Identify the stories you're living and what you are telling yourself about what is possible for you


The Choices That Shaped Who You Are

Identify the events and choices that shaped who you are and have brought you to where you are today


The Journey of Accomplishment

Learn how to pull out different parts of your story and create a map of your Journey of Accomplishments


Building A Connection With Empathy

Identify who you audience is and how to build a connection with them by uncovering your internal transformational journey


Who Are You Being

Discover your unique personality type, tone of voice and storytelling strategy.


Build Your Story

Build your story using the story toolbox, a proven storytelling framework, and how to tell a story that connects with your audience.

In case we haven't met... Let me introduce myself.

My name is Melanie Tvete.

I'm the way-finding warrior, a story healer and a heart-driven messaging strategist.

My mission is to help healers, coaches, and creatives find their stories, transform their message, and bravely show up authentically so they can attract their ideally aligned audience and to communicate clearly so they can convert them into paying clients.

We are here for a reason! There are lessons to be learned and missions to fulfill. We are here on earth to make an impact but most are afraid to fulfill their purpose.

I believe that as the pursuit of entrepreneurship rises the more pain humanity will endure if we don’t find a way to authentically express who we are.

Conformity is not the answer. We need more of YOU in this world!

You have a unique story to tell and your message matters!

Need More Details?

The workshop is 100% self lead. 

You will get access to

  • ALL training modules upfront. No waiting for the trainings to be released.
  • The training handouts for each of the individual trainings making it easier for you to implement.
  • Bonus content and resources to help you gain a deeper understanding of the content.
  • Q&A call recordings from the most recent live workshop.

PLUS an upgraded user experience! Saving you a ton of time and energy finding answers!

All of the videos have closed captions AND you have power to search through video transcripts! Simply type in a keyword and search to find that exact moment in time the keyword was said and click on the video to be taken directly to the spot in the video you are looking for.

By the end, you'll have a toolbox full of courageous stories that you can share courageously because your clients need to hear them.

Got Questions?


I’d love to help you make the best possible decision for you!  Send me a message over on my Facebook Page. Let's chat!

Don't feel like you have a story worth sharing...

Then you NEED to join this story workshop!

I promise to help you find the clarity and confidence you need and give you an extra “kick” to push you from desire into action.

I know this workshop will help you make the entire process of sharing your story easier than you thought possible and in a way that reflects who you are and what you stand for.

You’ll get exclusive access to my expertise, my heart, and my direction will be 100% focused on helping you get results.  But you will need to do the work to get the results.

If you have questions, send me a message over on my
 Facebook Page